A lot of books about the history and the DJ's of Radio Luxembourg are published over  the years. It's not easy to get them. I actually got three books and you'll find them here plus one more.  If you may have a book or got some articles from the press, please let me know.
208 It was Great
          by Alan Bailey, © published ????

'208It Was Great' consists of a foreword by Jimmy Savile, quotes from Noel Edmonds, Dave Christian and Michael Palin, 39 pages of photos and 121pages of wordage in ten chapters.1.In the beginning. 2.The Early Days.3. K.E.Y.N.S.H.A.M. 4. Technical Stuff. 5. Swinging 60's and Beyond.6.The Presenters. 7. Jimmy Savile. 8. Monty Python. 9. The Highlight of my Career. 10. The End is Nigh. More Info's at .

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Radio Luxembourg 1933 - 1993
          by Denis Maréchal, © published 1994

This is also a brilliant book about the history of Radio Luxembourg. But to be honest - i really haven't got a clue what exactly is inside because it is written in french. So I guess it's based more on the french service of RTL.

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Under The Bedclothes
          by Janet Alldis, © published 1993

This book is written by Barry Alldis's daughter Janet and as you'll guess it's based more on familar facts. Read about his giant career as a presenter and beeing a charming husband and father. It's a wonderful, lovely written book about Luxembourg's longest serving personality - your DJ BA - sadly died in 1982. We all miss him. I'm very proud to have a copy of this book.

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Radio Luxembourg
The Station Of The Stars
          by Richard Nichols, © published 1984

Every 208 fan should read this book. It features not only a lot of good pictures, it also takes you back to where it all began. You'll find out almost everything of the stations history. It is a very good book and I wish that I could get it back because I haven't got the original anymore. Thanks to Christiane of the CLT/UFA for the copied one. 

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